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Developers Program

API (Application Programming Interface)

eBay’s API allows developers to access eBay’s data and functionality, including category information and live listings. It also allows developers to present this information in a customized format.

Key Benefits

  1. Develop custom integrations for shopping comparison, niche content sites or desktop and mobile applications.
  2. Access core eBay functionality and data including search and popular keywords.

Who should use the API?

You can leverage eBay’s advanced web services platform in order to develop innovative applications which tap into eBay’s marketplace. The API is for anyone who has a strong programming background or access to developers and wants to develop a website or application with a highly customized user experience. This often enhances user engagement with your website which can in turn lead to increased commissions on eBay Partner Network. However, using the API takes more time and effort to set up and maintain than the other integrating eBay into your website via eBay Partner Network’s other tools.

How do I get started with the API?

  • Read the documentation on which API calls are available at API calls in order to determine which calls you will need to use for your application.
  • Go to 'My Account' and click on Generate Productions Keys. You will be given an Application ID - keep record of this.
  • Pick a call, check out thesample codeand test using your Application ID.
  • Build your app, test it, and have itapprovedby the eBay Developers Program in order to start making up to 5,000 requests per IP per day.

Do I have to pay for using the API?

No, using the API is completely free.

Are there volume limitations in using the API?

Everyone who joins the developer program gets 5.000 API calls per day. If you need more than 5.000 API calls per day, you have to pass the free Compatible Application check.

Can you give an example of what an API call looks like?

The example below is of a FindItemsAdvanced call to the Finding API, searching for digital cameras on

Below you find an example of how an API call is placed and results are parsed as part of some PHP code:

In what formats are API results delivered?

The formats can vary between different APIs and calls, but mainly they support:

  • Name-Value Pairs: basic text-based notation
  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
  • XML: Extensible Markup Language
  • SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

How do I add affiliate tracking to my API links?

The Developers Program is not automatically connected to your eBay Partner Network account. In order to add affiliate tracking to any links generated by your API calls, you’ll need to add some extra parameters onto the call URL in the Finding API:


That makes the API to wrap proper tracking around the links it returns. Please note that the process for adding affiliate tracking to your API links differs according to which API you are calling � you can find more information about tracking your API-generated links here.

What APIs are available?

Finding API

The Finding API enables developers to search for items using eBay's Finding Platform. Buying applications can build search and browse experiences using the powerful search and refinement capabilities offered by the Finding API. Calls available in the Finding API include:

Shopping API

The Shopping API is optimized for response size, speed and usability. You can use the Shopping API to search for eBay items, products and reviews, user info, as well as popular items and searches. You can also retrieve public eBay data in a buyer-friendly view, for easy consumption by widgets, search tools, and other buyer-focused applications. Calls available in the Shopping API include:

Other APIs

There are further APIs available that can help you with creating great content and experiences for your users:

  • Merchandising API
    Provides developers with an easy way to surface available items and products on eBay that provide good value or are otherwise popular with eBay buyers
  • Trading API
    Offers secure, authenticated access to private eBay data
  • Best Match API
    Enables developers to understand key factors affecting their search ranking when sorted by Best Match

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